Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Michael Recycle

Michael Recycle, by Ellie Bethel

Age Range: 3-6

There’s garbage everywhere. Your kid’s room? Perhaps. But in this case, it’s the town of Abberdoo-Rimey. And the only person who can help is our green superhero Michael Recycle!

For kids growing up in our increasingly green society, Michael Recycle, by Ellie Bethel, is a terrific entrée into the world of recycling. And what better way to engage kids about being green than with a superhero, Michael Recycle, who goes from town to town getting people to clean up their act.

Kids will love the fun illustrations, his homemade superhero outfit and the way the people in the town come up with inventive ways to reuse things. Parents will appreciate how Michael Recycle can get their children excited about recycling things they may have otherwise thrown away. Most importantly, Michael Recycle makes recycling cool and opens the doorway to conversations about taking care of our communities and environment.

Here are a few ideas for how to build on the message from this book: 
  • Follow this up with a trip to the recycling center or with non-fiction books about recycling to help further engage your children in this important conversation. 
  • Play dress up with your child: let him run around with a colander on his head (just like his new favorite superhero!) and together decide what can be recycled in your home.
  • Do an art project at home with only recycled materials.

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