Thursday, February 16, 2012

Brady Brady

Brady Brady, by Mary Shaw

Age Range: 4 and up 

I received my first Brady Brady book from my Canadian cousins when my son, Brady, was born.   It wasn’t just the name that cemented my love affair with this series by Canadian author Mary Shaw.  Like most parents, it's important to me that Brady grows up enjoying sports. But Brady Brady, is not just another book about sports. In her stories, Shaw manages to weave together entertaining storylines about kids who love sports, true-to-life and endearing characters, and important messages about sportsmanship and teamwork.

Brady is your typical sports-crazed boy: he eats, sleeps and breathes the sport of the season. His parents have to call him twice to get his attention.  Any of this sound familiar?  In the stories, Brady and his friends are playing a sport (hockey, baseball, etc.), when they are confronted by a situation that they must overcome. In Brady Brady and the Great Rink, for example, Brady works hard to build the greatest backyard hockey rink. Despite the naysayers around him his hard work pays off when the lights at the big game suddenly go out and the teams must find a different rink where they can play. This situation provides a catalyst to learn a valuable lesson about hard work and following your goal.

Shaw has written Brady Brady books about hockey, baseball and football. If you know of a boy who enjoys sports then these books are a wonderful addition to their library! But you don’t have to be a sports crazed boy to enjoy these books. Shaw uses sports as the medium for storytelling and the books are fun for a wide audience. More than ever, young boys need to see that it's not just sports but sportsmanship that can be truly rewarding. Brady Brady's allure is how it embraces this theme.

Some Brady Brady books include:

Brady Brady and the Most Important Game
Brady Brady and the Big Mistake 
Brady Brady and the Runaway Goalie
Brady Brady and the Singing Tree
Brady Brady and the Great Rink
Brady Brady and the Cleanup Hitters
Brady Brady and the Ballpark Bark

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